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Our Activities

Gujarat Idol :

My filmy duniya will Soon organize a talent hunt show for Gujarat in which all types of artists will get a platform to showcase their hidden talent & compete with other people from the field. This will nourish & enhance the personality of the artists by rooting the emotion of competition. This show will get the coverage in all the prominent newspapers , local news channels & also promotion through flyers, leaflets etc. Thus it will further give the artists a huge opportunity to the get noticed by film producers & directors. The same will be extrapolated soon at national & international level.

We are a helping hand..!!

Apart from this my filmy duniya also puts all efforts in nurturing the talent to provide the artists with a handsome discount to enter a film school & to sharpen their axe with the skills. This will provide them with a cutting edge in this fierce competitive world.. For the people who want to enter such fields but don’t have such talent, we will provide them with the best teaching classes from industry experts for the same.